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Kamagra. Has anybody used it?

Question: Kamagra. Has anybody used it?
I’m doing a little reading on generic Viagra since Viagra/Cialis/Levitra are entirely too expensive for me to afford. I found some people reviewing Kamagra and Caverta with favorable reviews. In particular I’m curious about Kamagra, as it seems to have more information available on it.

Has anybody used Kamagra? Can anybody offer insight on it? How well it worked, what mg dosage you took, how much it cost you and where you got it, etc.


Answer by sam rider
Its sick it makes u hard in like 2 min

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By | 23. Sep 2013 | Kamagra | 1 Comment »

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  1. Barcode says:

    There is 100mg Kamagra dose which effects in 45 minutes and last during 4-6 hours. There is also Kamagra oral jelly which affects in 15 minutes and act during 4-6 hours. Recommended dose is 50 mg. But before taking these drugs you should consult your doctor and discuss all possible kamagra side effects.

    For example:

    • Headache

    • Diarrhea

    • Dizziness

    • Stomach upset

    • Flushing

    • Running nose

    Kamagra is 100% safe product as Viagra. The only reason that Kamagra is not yet licensed in the UK is because Pfizer the makers of Viagra hold the patent on this drug which means that neither Kamagra or any other generic version will be able to obtain a license until the patent expires.