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Erection problem. old age?

Question: Erection problem. old age?
I’m in my early 40s and struggle to maintain an erection.

For longer than an hour. After my second orgasm it really does start to droop.
This is obviously causing me embarrassment (and also a few of my partners).

Is this just getting old? Should I use a viagra or Kamagra? Would a ” cock-ring ” do any good?
Sensible advice please.

Thank you.


Answer by Joe Doe
So you enjoy bragging here?

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By | 31. Oct 2013 | Kamagra | 4 Comments »


  1. Merlin says:

    If you can manage a SECOND orgasm at 40 = you don’t really have a problem.

    But, as you say, it’s called getting old.


  2. bandit_60 says:

    your not old ! if your on medication like blood pressure pills that can cause it ! i am 64 and i can,t keep it up very long but i take pills for blood pressure and they say that can do it ! i use to i could not get it up at all until i started to take Viagra !

  3. Allan Wangombe says:

    I live in IL and had no trouble ordering Tramadol from these guys: . This was in 3/13, so hopefully that has not changed. Got my script approved in a few days, and it arrived about 5 days later. Funny thing was, my card wasn’t charged till a few days after I got it. No funny emails or phone calls, no hiccups whatsoever. Pills are the strength they should be and I am very happy with this transaction.

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  4. James says:

    You should really be holding good for longer than a hour at your age, and certainly blowing more than 2 off the same horn.

    Viagra is ok if you don’t mind waking up with mini heart attacks.
    Never tried a cock ring.

    Go and see a doctor for advice, or you kiss goodnight to being much good in the bedroom again.