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He is jst thirty year old, and suffering from serious problesms….please help?

Question: He is jst thirty year old, and suffering from serious problesms….please help?
my boyfrend is thirty year old , but i guess he has problem in getting ercetion. May be its because of nervousness or shud i take him to any sexologist or shud try viagra or any other drugs like kamagra etc???

please help me and help him


Answer by glock509
rub some lotion on it

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  1. naser q says:

    help you ok
    run away

  2. Heywood Jablomi says:

    Try alot more oral!
    Try a finger up the old wazoo, that will bring his turtle out of the shell!

  3. matt.bray says:

    simon…seem so u boyfriend is havein erectile dysfunction from long time…yes generic viagra are safe bet like tadalis,kamagra,caverta which increase ur sexual appetite a lot and can enjoy sex for a long time….if that 2 does not work u can mail me so i dotn about helping ur boyfriend but surely can help u sexually. best place to buy online drugs is

  4. lina_girl06 says:

    Well it depends how long have you been together. If you are a recent couple, then definitely his nervousness could take in. Maybe you should help him relax first. Let things happen spontaneously, not planned and do much more of a foreplay! And give him time…nothing can happen fast, but after some time this doesn’t work then try talking to him about it and maybe seeing the doc, or taking stimulants :) Good luck!

  5. zodiaccyber says:

    ask him to observe whether he has an erection in the early morning when waking up. if yes, he is fine, no, please seek a doctor help

  6. james v says:

    Oral works everytime!