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help with erection problems?

Question: help with erection problems?
ok im on my last legs, im with an amazing girl, i love her very much but im having problems getting hard. our relationship is brilliant apart from this, we have talked and she has told me shes getting fed up with my problem… what do i do. jst ordered kamagra online


Answer by ~Grace~
get your doc to write you a prescription for Cialis or Viagra or Levitra. Any of those will help. They sometimes have free offers at the office, a coupon you can take to your pharmacy for a trial amount.

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  1. Jabril says:

    Dang, I wished you would have asked before ordering that stuff. Oh well, make the best of it and next time get some Stiff Nights.
    check your diet and remove, reduce red meats or other hormone injected meats. those meats are injected with estrogen so well your testerone levels will drop due to that.
    Use a cöckring to enhance those erections that you do get.