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what harm is caused by Kamagra tablets off the internet?

Question: what harm is caused by Kamagra tablets off the internet?
My friends husband has 2 chambers of the heart not pumping, irregular heart beat, he underwent 2 heart stop procedures, the last one he was put on a course of Cordarone 200mg tablets, his irregular heart beat stabilized. to date my friends husband is still on the Cordarone 200mg tablets, also Warfrin tablets and is still taking the kamagra tablets. he hasn’t told his G.p he is buying them.

Will his use of kamagra pills cause him harm?
My friends husband has been taking these kamagra pills since 2001. Could these pills have caused the damage to his heart. He also has drank too much over the years. Thank you for answers so far. Please feel free to add more detail tin answers already given by editing your answer.

The problems my friends husband had before the heart stop procedure that was successful, were breathlessness, high blood pressure, headaches, tiredness. The cordarone tablets are highly toxic pills he is on from the cardiologist.


Answer by mobligator
My advice is to contact his cardiologist before taking any pills of any kind and especially this Kamagra since it’s supposed to be a generic for Viagra. Viagra is not recommended for men who have heart problems and it lowers blood pressure even in healthy men. A GP should know but he won’t be as knowledgeable as a cardiologist regarding contraindications of medicines concerning the heart.

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  1. Robert says:

    Yes, Kamagra is available over the counter as well as online.
    Over the counter kamagra tends to be a bit more expensive compared to kamagra that is bought from Canadian Online drugstores like which is located in Manchester, UK. which is located in Montreal.