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ivabradine and kamagra?

Question: ivabradine and kamagra?
which one of the two should i use, i do not want to see a doctor!


Answer by jagannath_kr
Why do you want to use it or them.
Are you a old man of 60 years suffering from erectile dysfunction?
If your penis is not working normally, if it is not erecting normally, then you have to use these pills.
The tablets have many generic names and don’t worry about them unless you are having ED.

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By | 4. Nov 2013 | Kamagra | 2 Comments »


  1. Davanu says:

    Try cristalius SEX!
    Place to buy it:
    very good online shop!

  2. Damian Stuarts says:

    Did you see your doctor? i wouldn’t suggest kamagra, maybe you should try ivabradine. As the kamagra got many side effects.
    Though, if suggested by your doctor you should use it.