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penis enlargement pills help!?

Question: penis enlargement pills help!?
Hello i have just recently turned 17 a couple of days ago and i have a 2cm penis (Non-erect) but when its erect it is 9cm and the erection is so weak and soft. i think i have a very serious problem but there is nothing that can be done
i am 170 cm tall
and weigh 13 stone and 3 pounds

There is nothing really that can be done but i am thinking of using any type of pill that will help me to grow my penis so if you have any suggestions of some pills that work please tell me?
i already no about kamagra oral jelly and viagra but that is for errection.
i am looking for something that will enlarge my penis so any suggestions of pills that work please it will be very helpful.


Answer by Rule Britannia
anyone who wastes money on pills must have more money than sense.

at your age, your penis is as big as it’s going to get so all the worrying in the world will not change that.

learn how to use it cleverly and you will have no problem

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  1. izzy says:

    Go and discuss your worries with your doctor.
    You will 100% totally waste your money on any herbal concoctions offered for sale.