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Archives….is it a scam?

Question:….is it a scam?
is supmeds a scam… please can someone tell me…
i can only find good information about this site…
yet their helpline number is the exact same as many scam sites helpline number…
plus it does look a bit dodgy to be honest…

if anyone has used them and actually received a product please please answer this question!!!!!


Answer by NickP
Same phone number as other scam sites? I think you have your answer within your question.

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By | 18. Nov 2013 | Kamagra | 4 Comments »


  1. ƝαɼɯɧɑӀ βyρrσɗuϲʈ℠ says:

    It looks like a scam.

  2. Barcode says:

    Supposedly they are in The United Kingdom – but that could just be a forwarding address. I wouldn’t trust them myself.

  3. Kevin says:

    Yes. They do deliver. I have ordered from them twice. First time it was in early 2010. I was also confused of their cheapest rates however they seem to be direct distributors of these drugs (1 pack came with a certificate confirming their connection with Cipla manufacture) and that is probably why they keep such a cheap rates. I am not sure if maybe one had some problems with this company, but I won’t switch anyway since I already have 2 successfully delivered orders 1-st: Tadacip by Cipla, 2-nd: Kamagra by Ajanta

  4. Paul says:

    I did receive an order from them but it took a VERY LONG time to receive the product. It’s been almost 3 weeks!!! so timing the purchase is difficult. It worked a whole lot better when I was able to use my credit card. Very bad delivery service