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What is the fastest acting type of male ED pill?(please read details)!?

Question: What is the fastest acting type of male ED pill?(please read details)!?
I want the fastest acting and longest lasting, also if you could rate all of them in order if best to worst in case the best is too expensive. Any links would be great too.

Ok so tel me if I’m missing any types here but there is viagra, viagra plus, viagra pro, viagra soft plus, viagra super active.

Then there is Cialis, cialis pro, cialus sublingual, cialis soft, cilais pro, cialis super active.

Also levitra, lev soft, pro, and super active.

So are the levitra super active and cialis super active the fastest acting? What about Staxyn? How dies that compare. I’ve also heard of Penegra, caverta, kamagra, androz, etc. Are those just other brand names for the same drugs found in the others?


Answer by Get Da Funk Out Ma’ Face
Forget the pill. Just “read” a couple copies of Penthouse before you jump her bones.

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  1. Barcode says:

    None of them will work on you, Mama!

  2. Artix says:

    Yes, Viagra Superactive, Cialis Superactive and Levitra Superactive would be the best choice. However, I doubt anyone would have tried all these to provide an accurate comparison.

  3. mobligator says:

    Viagra is coming out with a new sublingual pill that acts in a few minutes so keep your eyes and ears open for it’s debut.

  4. Susan says:

    While looking for best erectile dysfunction drug, the most common names we come across are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. All three of them work dvc the same way to provide adequate erection strength required for satisfactory sexual intercourse. These medicines have shown great results in most cases and have some side effects as well. The difference between the three is that Cialis lasts longer otherwise there are only minor differences.
    Which is the best erectile dysfunction drug and how they work?
    Under sexual stimulation, body produces nitric oxide which is needed to widen the blood vessels inside penis. Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis increase the production of nitric oxide thereby aiding the process of achieving and maintaining the maximum erection. There is only a slight dissimilarity in the chemical constitution of the three medicines and this affects their results with each individual. Doctor’s consider their side effects and reaction with other medicines before prescribing them for a particular patient. These medicines should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before sexual intercourse on empty stomach and not more than once a day. Effect of Viagra and Levitra lasts up to 4 hours while Cialis is effective till 36 hours from intake. – Montreal, Canada – Manchester, UK. – London, UK.