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Where can I get E.D. pills for free?

Question: Where can I get E.D. pills for free?
I’m only in my mid 30′s and I feel like I’m having some issues “down below”. I’m embarrassed to go to the store to buy products, or see a doctor about this. I also don’t wanna go spending a bunch of money on products either. So are there any sites where I can get free medications for this problem? I wanna be able to try out some products before I go spending any money.
Ok. It doesn’t have to be free, but it does have to be cheap and online. Where can I get cheap E.D. medications online? Free would be a great bonus though.


Answer by Roberto M
You can talk to your doctor. They typically have different samples available that they can let you try. If there truly is an issue and the samples work well, let your doctor know and he/she may put you on a regular low end dosage that helps you when you are ready.

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  1. hairyguyuk2002 says:

    You have two choices either herbal products such as gensing, or horny goats weed both can be bought off the internet just Google them I can recommend them to be taken for a month, as an aid to improve your sex drive.

    Secondly viagra or calls if taken an hour before sex will give a strong erection when sexually aroused, you can obtain them off the internet but you need do be careful as there are some fake viagra tablets being sold, the Indian brand is called kamagra, you should have a Dr consultation prior to taking them to make sure its medically safe for you to take them for instance do you have high blood pressure , some websites have a a self check list .

    You are only 30 is there some obvious reason for this ED, like are you seriously overweight, do you have a very stressing job, do you have high blood pressure, as all these may cause ED, do you still wake with morning erections? then your problem may be physiological and you may need to see a sex therapists.

  2. Tare says:

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