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Renzo Fraiese – 12 Engle Street – Red Greg’s (Full Length Kamagra Edit)

Calibre Records UK White 12″ 1978 Red Greg’s (Full Length Kamagra Edit)

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By | 10. Dec 2013 | Kamagra | 6 Comments »


  1. MUKATSUKU says:

    need this on a 12

  2. drwhatson says:

    I have this with David Benoit “Los Angeles” on the flip – is it the same

  3. AGMP Concerts says:

    one of the best jazz funk fusion tunes ever made in my opinion. was massive
    back in the early jazz funk days but also became a staple at the MESSIN’
    AROUND sessions in London from 1996 – 2009.

  4. port2344chester says:

    JAZZ FUNK @ ITS FINEST… i can recall my uncle&his crazy friends going n2
    the basement.. when these cats did so it was green light jazz funk
    sessions.. nothing but the BEST of times.. gr8 jam sessions & this is1 of
    many traxs that played..close my eyes & im back in the NYC.. im so happy i
    didnt miss the 70′s jam session bus rides… clubs house & block parties ..
    OMFG.. you had to be there to really understand the power/energy that was
    held during that special era in music.@ebonitelondon THX U

  5. discomadness says:

    such a nice song. i have to find this one.

  6. MrGoDisco says: