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My boyfriend is having trouble getting an erection?

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Question: My boyfriend is having trouble getting an erection?
My boyfriend is having trouble getting an erection.. We googled it and that didn’t help.. All google tells us is he is stressing over something and he isn’t,he has nothing to stress over,we are okay money wise,his job is going well.. So there really is nothing to stress over,another thing google said was we don’t communicate enough,which is not true because me and my boyfriend are very close and tell each other everything,so there is nothing wrong in that area.. This problem started about a week ago,he tells me he gets horny but he can’t seem to get an erection,if he does it doesn’t stay hard for long or it only gets hard half way.. We are both really stressed about this,he also has some back pain that seemed to occur around about the same time he had trouble getting an erection,so does it have something to do with his back pain? In this week he only go “morning glory” once.. 2 weeks ago we had sex like crazy we did it about 4 times a day,so I’m wondering is it possible we over worked his penis? Please help.. And don’t say he must see a doctor! If you’re gonna say that don’t even bother answering this question.. Thanks! (-:


Answer by wizjp
At this point it sounds like he is stressing over no erection. Happens to most guys at least once.

De-emphasize sex for a while. If something happens, go with it and don’t make a big deal; and if it fails to be a complete success, don’t make a big deal; give it a little more time.

Lose my erection when I put on a condom?

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Question: Lose my erection when I put on a condom?
Hi. I’m 24 years old and for some reason over the past year I have am having a problem with maintaning an erection. I can get rock hard by kissing my girlfriend ad everything and I’m rock hard during oral sex and everything but as soon as I put a condom on so we can have sex I go flacid. WQe basically have given up lately and don’t do anything sexual. I fear I’m losing her and I love her so much.

We have to use a condom as the medication she is on means birth control pills don’t work.

We’ve been together over a year now and basically haven’t had sex which, as you can imagine, is creating a huge strain on our relationship and I am pretty sure she is going to leave me soon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Answer by Matt
Take a couple shots of whiskey before really works man all women love the whiskey dick you can go forever and ever!

Erection problem. old age?

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Question: Erection problem. old age?
I’m in my early 40s and struggle to maintain an erection.

For longer than an hour. After my second orgasm it really does start to droop.
This is obviously causing me embarrassment (and also a few of my partners).

Is this just getting old? Should I use a viagra or Kamagra? Would a ” cock-ring ” do any good?
Sensible advice please.

Thank you.


Answer by Joe Doe
So you enjoy bragging here?

help with erection problems?

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Question: help with erection problems?
ok im on my last legs, im with an amazing girl, i love her very much but im having problems getting hard. our relationship is brilliant apart from this, we have talked and she has told me shes getting fed up with my problem… what do i do. jst ordered kamagra online


Answer by ~Grace~
get your doc to write you a prescription for Cialis or Viagra or Levitra. Any of those will help. They sometimes have free offers at the office, a coupon you can take to your pharmacy for a trial amount.

I am getting an erection problem. I get a proper erection when i am mastarbating.?

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Question: I am getting an erection problem. I get a proper erection when i am mastarbating.?
when i am going to have sex i can hardly find my erection. I tried medicine such as cupid 50, kamagra, canova and so on. Thay work quite perfectly but i get side effect,. Can this problem be treated? i also consulted a psycologist he prescribed me some medicine. but still i have not seen a cure for my problem


Answer by Impish Jerome
take some Stiff Nights; little costly but worth the money.

use a cöckring.