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Ritalin penis enlarging?

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Question: Ritalin penis enlarging?
Sup. I don’t have a prescription to Ritalin, but I took 6 75mg pills and I think my peepee grew. Is it just the state I was in that made me think this, or is this a real thing?


Answer by Lily Robinson
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penis enlargement pills help!?

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Question: penis enlargement pills help!?
Hello i have just recently turned 17 a couple of days ago and i have a 2cm penis (Non-erect) but when its erect it is 9cm and the erection is so weak and soft. i think i have a very serious problem but there is nothing that can be done
i am 170 cm tall
and weigh 13 stone and 3 pounds

There is nothing really that can be done but i am thinking of using any type of pill that will help me to grow my penis so if you have any suggestions of some pills that work please tell me?
i already no about kamagra oral jelly and viagra but that is for errection.
i am looking for something that will enlarge my penis so any suggestions of pills that work please it will be very helpful.


Answer by Rule Britannia
anyone who wastes money on pills must have more money than sense.

at your age, your penis is as big as it’s going to get so all the worrying in the world will not change that.

learn how to use it cleverly and you will have no problem

Penis head dosent get hard?

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Question: Penis head dosent get hard?
Hi, I am wondering if there is something wrong with me as I can achieve an erection but the head does not stay hard very much. Is there anything I can do or take (besides viagra, Kamagra etc) to help?


Answer by jackie
oh help.. how old are you and why would you need Viagra.. if it works and get the job done what the problem.. there are some of us out there the old ding dong is not working so great.. has it ever gotten hard for you??? you will find the only thing that is important is that you make the women happy more than once.. and then you do your thing once.. and hold each other …

What penis male enhancement pill actually works to get you rock hard?

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Question: What penis male enhancement pill actually works to get you rock hard?


Answer by cassandra_sd
LMAO!! No, but seriously . . . LMAO!!!

I took a Kamagra pill (generic viagra) last night and while having sex a lump appeared at the base of my penis

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Question: I took a Kamagra pill (generic viagra) last night and while having sex a lump appeared at the base of my penis
The lump became painful and is still painfull this morning, 12 hours later. Has anyone experienced this? I’m going to a Doctor tomorrow if it hasn’t gone and is still painful just wanted some reasurrance that it’s not a blood clot or something.


Answer by dude4u
This drug has side effects like heart burns, nausea but nothing like you stated. This might not be because of Viagra. I do take this drug sometimes but has never experienced that. Suggest you to go to your urologist. if you need to use this drug use Suhagra of Cipla, it s very effective and has minimal side effects…