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Where can I get E.D. pills for free?

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Question: Where can I get E.D. pills for free?
I’m only in my mid 30′s and I feel like I’m having some issues “down below”. I’m embarrassed to go to the store to buy products, or see a doctor about this. I also don’t wanna go spending a bunch of money on products either. So are there any sites where I can get free medications for this problem? I wanna be able to try out some products before I go spending any money.
Ok. It doesn’t have to be free, but it does have to be cheap and online. Where can I get cheap E.D. medications online? Free would be a great bonus though.


Answer by Roberto M
You can talk to your doctor. They typically have different samples available that they can let you try. If there truly is an issue and the samples work well, let your doctor know and he/she may put you on a regular low end dosage that helps you when you are ready.

penis enlargement pills help!?

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Question: penis enlargement pills help!?
Hello i have just recently turned 17 a couple of days ago and i have a 2cm penis (Non-erect) but when its erect it is 9cm and the erection is so weak and soft. i think i have a very serious problem but there is nothing that can be done
i am 170 cm tall
and weigh 13 stone and 3 pounds

There is nothing really that can be done but i am thinking of using any type of pill that will help me to grow my penis so if you have any suggestions of some pills that work please tell me?
i already no about kamagra oral jelly and viagra but that is for errection.
i am looking for something that will enlarge my penis so any suggestions of pills that work please it will be very helpful.


Answer by Rule Britannia
anyone who wastes money on pills must have more money than sense.

at your age, your penis is as big as it’s going to get so all the worrying in the world will not change that.

learn how to use it cleverly and you will have no problem

Erectile Dysfunction Pills?

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Question: Erectile Dysfunction Pills?
I am 45 years of age and have been suffering with ED for 10 years. I started taking 25mg of Kamagra pills which worked fine, and until two weeks ago I started taking 50mg with no success even through stimulation by my wife. I do wake up in the morning with an erection though. I started exercising regularly and eat healthily and my doctor has given me a clean bill of health. I have very slight high blood pressure and slightly high cholesterol (5.5). My brother suffers from the same condition and he says that 100mg works fine. I am worried that the condition is getting worse and do not just want to increase the dosage to 100mg. I dont know what else to do. HELP!!!


Answer by unknown friend
Our bodies build up immunities to medications we take over time, changing brands will sometimes correct the problem. Even though the main ingredients may be the same the binding ingredients vary from brand to brand.

There are several different brands on the market now days so try changing to another one, if it corrects the problem then when it stops working properly change again. Once you are off the medication that you have built up an immunity to your body may let it work again at a later date.

African Superman 6 Boxes of 8 Pills in Each Box

Monday, September 9th, 2013

African Superman 6 Boxes of 8 Pills in Each Box

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